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    Built by hand is our motto;because the only way to create a top shelf tube guitar amp is to build them one at a time.Top shelf means the best components like Mercury Magnetics transformers and chokes ,Sprague electrolytics and period correct tone capacitors for the most authentic tone.

    Old's New

    Some technologies are as good for the future as they were in the past;maybe better.They say "They don't make em' like they used to" and that is true of some things;but when it comes to guitar amps ,yesterdays Military Spec is now met with ease by the average component manufacturer and far exceded by top of the line brands.

    Choices matter

    Tweed or levant ,Alnico or ceramic,combo or head; it's your choice. Extension cab choices also availible. Weber  Vintage speakers come stock as our choice for the most period correct tone;but the choice of speakers can make a big difference; so you decide.

    The Amps

    2 year warranty on parts and labor ;30 days on tubes

    see pictures in the Gallery.

    Standard Features

    Mercury Magnetics

    Multi tap outputs means that extension cabs;or connection to different speakers is easy.The increased power handling spec means more reliability than in the past.

    Sprague SOZO Mallory

    Industry standard ,made in USA capacitors and resistors result in less noise and better tone than in the past.

    Weber speakers

    The Vintage series hand built speakers are the result of years of research and experience building the most accurate replacement for tweed style amps.


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